Vertical Rise Two Panels By Pass Cooler Door

Single piece vertical rise cooler and freezer doors are ideal for areas that have limited side clearance but available head room. Companies providing refrigerated environments face new challenges within their facilities as they strive for higher productivity at lower operational costs. The  doors provide an exceptional solution to these new challenges. Superior strength, uncompromising quality, solid reliability and unmatched value  doors. Designed from the ground up to far exceed the offerings of other door manufacturers, yet priced to meet demanding budget constraints, our doors is the standard for the “next generation” of cold storage door solutions.


  • Ideal choice for areas with side clearance restrictions.
  • “Down and in” track system provides superior sealing.
  • With no lubrication required, no metal-to-metal contact, and complete gasket release travel design maintenance is virtually eliminated.

Panel Construction

  • Sealed and unitized high strength white metal steel panel with pour-type polyurethane insulation.
  • Full perimeter gaskets.


  • Electro mechanical – Open-Close 18″/second.
  • Manual.


  • 4″ poured polyurethane foam. (Optional 5-1/2″)
  • 4″ panel -R-30 rated.
  • “K” factor of .12 at 75° F.


  • Fiberglass or stainless steel finish. Other colored metals (consult factory).
  • Windows.
  • Bookplates on door panel.
  • Padlocking.

Performance Features (Power Models)

  • Torque sensing stop/reverse full height of door panel.
  • Header mounted control box with pre-wired remote digital display.
  • Pre wired motor and encoder.
  • LED indicators for door status.
  • Reversing Photo Eye.