Truck restraints

Truck restraints/ Vehicle restraints/ Dock lock :

A vehicle restraint prevents a truck from moving during loading and unloading. Majority of the employee injuries that take place at the dock are due to premature truck departure and trailer creep? Even if you have a proactive safety policy in place, you can never predict a truck driver’s actions as you don’t know whether or not the person behind the wheel has received the necessary training to drive these heavy duty vehicles. 

If a truck leaves the loading dock before loading and unloading is complete, workers can fall into the gap between the truck and dock, causing serious personal injury or death, and freight and equipment can be damaged.A vehicle restraint should be able to interlock with a powered dock leveler so the dock leveler cannot operate when the vehicle is not restrained.  If the vehicle does not have a R.I.G bar or the vehicle restraint cannot engage with the R.I.G bar, an alternate method such as wheel chocks must be used.The most common type of vehicle restraint is the R.I.G dependent system.  Most over the road trailers have rear impact guards, or R.I.G bars.  R.I.G dependent restraint systems use a restraint barrier that rises up, captures the trailer’s R.I.G bar, and uses it to lock the trailer in place.

We mainly offer manual vechile restraints , Hydraulic restraints, Electric/ Automatic vehicle restraints

Manual Truck restraints

Manual truck restraints  is simple in design, heavy duty construction materials and minimal maintenance /lubrication requirements reflect on long term low cost of operation.The dock attendant controls safety and productivity quickly and efficiently with a single detachable control rod. The low profile housing/barrier keeps working components safe from inclement weather and stores at 9” above grade to keep free of snow, ice and debris and avoid potential damage from low hanging rear impact guards.

Manual Truck Restraint with manually operated Lights

Manual truck restraints  with manually operated lights provides an extremely safe and efficient loading dock environment by establishing a clear line of communication between the truck driver and the dock attendant. The inside control panel and exterior light package incorporate a red and green signal that work in opposing modes. Green outside light guides the truck into position, while the inside red light warns the attendant that the loading/unloading condition is unsafe. Upon activation of the restraint, the lights are switched to red outside and green inside to warn the driver not to move and indicating a safe condition for the attendant. High visibility exterior caution signs are included help to warn the driver to Pull In or Out on green Only.

Manual Truck Restraint with Automatic Light Sequence

Manual truck restraints with automatic lighjt control turns the safety warning lights on and off automatically when restraint is engaged or disengaged.

Automatic Truck Restraint/ Electric  operated Restraints

Automatic truck restraints offers simple push button restraint activation. A self contained pump/motor power pack with a 96”L hose and translucent reservoir can be remotely mounted to the dock face, under the leveler or inside the building. Automatic L.E.D interior and exterior lights, interlock terminals and override selector switch are standard.Wall mounted electric vehicle restraint secures a trailer to the loading dock via an electro mechanical hook design. The Eco friendly restraint combines advanced engineering, positive holding ability, and sophisticated touch controls to make your loading dock safer than ever before.

Hydraulic vechile restraints 

Hydraulic restraints are non impact swing-up arm design to confine a vehicles rear impact guard [ R.I.G ] or I.C.C  bar. Vehicles remain safely stationed at the dock without time consuming and uncertain chocking.

Manual Wheel Chocks

A manual wheel chock is a tapered block that is wedged in front of the wheels to prevent accidental movement.  Since wheel chocks do not rely on an underride structure at the rear of the trailer, they are more universal.  Wheel chocks can restrain trailers with underride guard systems and also those with hydraulic lift gates, tandem hitches and damaged guards.

Truck restraints prevent vehicle creap and vehicle drive off

By locking the most rear wheel, the docked vehicles will no longer move away from the dock. Also, vehicle “creeping’, caused by momentum incurred during the loading and unloading process is prevented. This guarantees optimal safety.

Durable, long life and low maintenance costs

The vehicle restraint system is galvanised and designed to have a minimum of moving parts resulting in minimal maintenance requirements.


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