Stop Tite Manual

The Stop-Tite M, MML & MAL are all manually activated vehicle restraints via an operate handle. They have a low profile, non-impact design for wall and driveway mount. All three (3) types have a protective debris guard and a Zinc dichromate finish.

Dock and Door Systems STOP-TITE helps prevent unexpected trailer departure from the loading dock and minimizes trailer creep during the loading/unloading process.

The M version is manual operation and signs only. The MML version is manual operation and a manually operated communication system changed via a selector switch on an internal control panel that sequences the red/green inside/outside lights. The MAL version comes equipped with switching that will automatically sequence the inside/outside red/green lights. The MAL also has a RIG sensor bar that notifies dock workers with an audible alarm if the restraint’s arm is not securely engaged with the trailer’s Rear Impact Guard.

All three (3) versions feature a full one (1) year base warranty on all structural, hydraulic and electrical components.