Specialty Levelers

A loading dock leveler acts as a bridge to safely allow the transfer of goods from a semi-trailer, truck or rail car to the building and vice-versa. The height differences between the truck and the building, the type of goods handled, and the material handling equipment used are a few of the factors that can determine which dock leveler is best for your application. Due to this diversity, we offer many types of dock levelers to fit a wide variety of applications.

Standard Dock Levelers

The most common dock leveler is a pit mounted type leveler.   Since it stores when not in use and allows for a relatively secure and sealed building.   The method (operating system) to position a leveler into and out of a truck varies.   The various operating systems include:

  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Air (low pressure, high-volume)
  • Hydraulic / Mechanical Hybrid

Specialty Pit Type Levelers

We have solutions that will address those requirements and provide you with efficient and safe equipment.  Specialty pit type dock levelers include:

  • Telescoping Lip
  • Vertical Storing
  • Flex-Lip
  • Barrier Lip
  • Oversized