Specialty  doors 1

  • Specialty door selections are required before construction starts.
  • Specialty Door information needs to be displayed properly on the construction drawings.
  • Some specialty door installations require special engineering and there can be extremely long order and delivery times.
  • Specialty doors may include, bi-folding French doors, disappearing glass walls, pivot entry doors and sliding barn doors.
  • Delivery is scheduled in advance of specific work starting on the project.

Please review information and tips below. The diversity of selections is tremendous and takes some Buyers much more time than expected. We suggest limiting your selections to a few suppliers. Comparisons can be very time-consuming and may not result in large cost savings. We have literature available at the office or you can contact one of our authorized vendors.

Every Selection and Decision involves common procedures. Many items listed are based on our “Standard” features package. Please check your specifications for features unique to your home.

After making your selection, sign the Order Authorization or corresponding Allowance Invoice and forward it to us for execution. No orders will be placed without authorization and payment. If orders are not placed by their deadlines, construction may be delayed.

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