Red Pin Steel Dock Board

Made specifically to span gaps up to and greater than 11″, the Dock Board Model C, also known as a Red Pin Dock Board, is the ideal ramp for facilities receiving a range of truck types. Whether it’s a lift gate trailer or a difficult to handle step trailer, the Model C dock board offers the range to reach away from the dock to safely load trailers. The key to the board’s success comes from the full length pin placement pockets along each side of the board; when used in conjunction with the four 1″ stress proof pins the Red Pin Dock Board safely secures against trailer and dock. This allows for the loading of trailers positioned further than 11″ from the dock, in addition too difficult to handle trailers docked at an angle.


  • American Manufactured
  • All welded steel construction
  • Full Length pin pockets on each edge
  • Fold down lifting loops
  • Double-bend design
  • Spans gaps greater than 11″
  • Ideal for trucks docking at an angle
  • (4) 1″ stress proof red pins for secure
  • 7 days to manufacture