Rail Board

The Steel Railroad Dock board has a rectangular-style with a deck that is made of high-strength raised diamond steel tread plate with structural steel support beams. Tread plate provides increased traction; overlap-style lip on both dock and rail car ends gives maximum versatility. Fork truck pop-up loops are built into deck – automatically pop-up when board is set on floor. Automatic drop-locks on both sides of board are designed to keep the board in place between dock and rail car. Auto drop locks add thirteen (13) inches to overall width. All purchase orders must include completed survey sheet. Non-Returnable.

Standard Design Features:

  • Auto Drop Locks (adds 13″ to overall width)**,
  • Pop-up Fork Lift Loops
  • Steel Rectangular Board
  • Overlap Style Plate (both ends)
  • Safety Curbs are 4″ High
  • Tread Plate for Better Traction
  • Structural Steel Support Beams