Portable loading docks mobile dock platforms 1
Yard ramps, often called forklift ramps, are a vital tool for creating a space to load and unload cargo when a loading dock isn’t available. A portable loading dock incorporates the safety and ease of use of pit style dock leveler in a mobile frame with integral ramp. All portable loading dock platforms and ramps are reviewed by our experts to verify the capacity and equipment match your specific company’s operation to ensure productivity upon arrival.

Mobile loading docks have several options including stairs, vehicle restraints, shelters, handrails, consistent with equipment installed inside the building. Installing portable loading dock in doors creates a more secure loading dock, reducing the potential for product theft.This modular loading dock also easily integrates behind existing dock doors to create shipping capacity inside facilities due to limited exterior space, climate concerns, or unique loading applications.The platforms are custom made to fit your specifications with fixed heights ranging from 42″ to 57″ and are available in capacities up to 60,000 pounds. These platforms have side plates made from A572-50 steel, providing additional durability.

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