Options for Bolt-on CURB Dock Board

Aluminum Dock board with Bolt-On Steel Curbs
  • Structural steel curbs bolted on 6″ centers.
  • Tough aluminum treads plate deck for lightweight, high traction, corrosion free surface.
  • Low cost alternative.
  • Light to mid duty cycles.
  • Lightweight maneuverability.
Dock Plates
  • Available in steel or aluminum in many gauges.
  • Used in lighter capacity applications where low height differences exist
    and safety curbs are not necessary.
  • Rugged 1/2″ thick steel locking legs attached with high strength, vibration
    proof fasteners.
  • Knuckle saver strap handle.
Dock board Accessories
Locking Pins
  • Locks span manually.
  • Used in conjunction with fixed locking legs.
  • Locks dock board in place for uneven dock conditions.
  • Allows for 6″ of adjustment.
  • Greater adjustment available if necessary.
  • Locks dock board in place when an uneven dock condition exists or with a park-out situation.
  • Available on welded aluminum dock boards.