Industrial Safety & Security Products and Accessories

Safety and security are two aspects of life that we take incredibly seriously here at Dock and Door Systems. Supplying a wide range of sectors to include education, construction and health, as well as products for personal use, our aim is to ensure that no one is ever without the equipment they need, whether that’s your home and workplace, office accessories.

As well as providing those initial products, we also stock refills, replacements and power supplies to keep your home and workplace safe, secure and in constant operation.

Employers have a duty to ensure that their workplace is a safe environment in which to work, and all risks to an acceptable level rather than issuing personal protective equipment, this cannot be achieved in all workplaces.

Personal protective equipment includes safety glasses, hard hats, protective footwear, eyewear and high visibility clothing. It is important to provide workers with what they need and ensure that it is of a high quality.