High speed fabric doors are available for interior or exterior applications.

Interior fabric high speed doors for cold storage

high speed interior doors

These fast acting doors have a springless design that requires minimal interruption for maintenance and the fabric doors feature breakaway technology to make doors field repairable. Fabric screen doors comply with food safety requirements and maintain cold termperatures while preventing icing and minimizing energy use and costs. Available in Roll up and Bi parting designs, and different versatile track configurations.If the door curtain comes out of its guides [ in the event of impact with a forklift] the system will automatically reset the curtain back into the guide on the next open cycle.

  • A fabric screen door is one of the most economical solutions for temperature control and environmental separation in warehouse and manufacturing environments.
  • Dock and Door Systems Inc, typical applications include loading dock openings, warehousing and distribution centers, pharmaceutical supply rooms, clean rooms, refrigeration, automotive, conveyors, food processing, and any areas where affordable temperature separation is required.
  • Conserve energy :  Due to high speed operation and  tight seal reduce transfer of warm or cold air.
  • Increse refrigeration efficiency : Automatic and fast open/close cycle improves efficiency of your freezer room
  • Minimize condensation and icing :Optional insulating curtain and heated side posts
  • Reduce down time : Self reinserting door curtain minimizes downtime.

Exterior fabric high speed door

Fabric door

We offer a wide variety of high performance exterior  high speed doors to keep your operation running smoothly,  deliver security, strength and smooth performance, a well built exterior door keeps the flow of equipment, materials and people moving throughout your facility. Our high performance doors are also equipped with a self-resetting break away system to reduce production downtime and maintenance needs. When choosing an exterior fabric high speed door check wind resistance doors, depending on the type and the dimensions of the exterior door, their classification for wind resistance varies from class 2 to class 5.

  • 45 mph wind load rated [varies by door size]
  • Standard size up to 16’W x 16’H
  • Fiberglass wind bars [won’t bend or break]
  • Fabric resistant to tearing, ultraviolet rays, rot, and mildew
  • Opening speeds up to 52” per second
  • Auto closure with programmable time delay

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