High Cycle Door
Service doors are some of the most used pieces of equipment in a facility. And, each business has a unique set of needs and expectations when it comes to service doors. While some companies value security, others desire a particular architectural style. Then there are those who simply have a need for speed.

For manufacturing, transportation or distribution businesses that require high-cycle industrial doors, Dock and Door Systems Inc is undoubtedly the best choice around. Whether you’re installing a door in a processing plant, warehouse or maintenance building, our high-performance doors are more reliable and faster than traditional sectional industrial doors.

High-cycle rubber doors from Dock and Door Systems Inc are built for reliability, speed, and performance. Whether you choose a direct drive or chain drive system, our high-cycle doors eliminate the need for counterbalance springs, which dramatically increases the lifespan of the roll-up door system.

Our proprietary door design, combined with a Direct Drive Operator, eliminates the need for chains and sprockets. Thus, enabling our high-cycle doors to achieve opening speeds of up to per second, depending on the size of the industrial door opening.