Every fire curtain counter shutter is built for superior performance and includes the features listed below.

Fusible links:

Automatic closure is initiated by one of three fusible links that melt at 165° Fahrenheit.

Centrifugal Governor:

Incorporates corrosion-resistant components to assure a smooth, controlled descent. Protected by a head plate cover.

Counterbalance System:

A torsion-spring-operated system, enclosed in a structural steel barrel, effectively counterbalances the shutter for a minimum 7,500 cycles.


All curtains are constructed from heavy-duty, 22-gauge steel or stainless steel flat slats.

Bottom Bar:

Curtain bottoms are constructed of tubular steel or stainless steel with closed-cell foam seal to protect the sill.

Guides and End Locks:

Guides are constructed of fabricated painted steel or stainless steel. Stamped steel end locks secure the curtain.

Curtain Hood:

Curtain hoods are square, constructed of 24-gauge steel (shown) or stainless steel, and designed for maximum structural rigidity.

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