Edge of Dock Leveler

Dock and Door Systems Edge-of-Dock Levelers mount directly to the dock face and provide a recommended working range of +/-3″ and a maximum operating range of +/-5″ above or below dock. The units are offered with either mechanical or hydraulic operation.

Edge of Dock Levelers are for those with a slight variation between dock height and truck height. Edge of Dock Levelers are used when there is limited space, light to medium loads, and average to heavy traffic. They are more economical and less complicated to install than pit levelers.

Dock and Door edge-of-dock levelers are the largest selling edge-of-dock levelers in the industry. DLM’s dual extension spring lift mechanism offers proven efficiency and durability. Careful engineering and rugged construction ensure extended life. Operation is safe and easy.

Hydraulically-operated edge-of-dock models offer the convenience and safety of push-button control. Dock and Door ‘s hydraulic design, featuring power extension and retraction of the lip and deck, is the finest in the industry. Our exclusive speed control adjusts leveler descent speed.