Drive through window

Drive thru service windows are designed for drive thru pharmacies and food service businesses and come in automatic and manual configurations. Systems come standard with self - closing configuration and auto locks for additional security. Additional options include bullet resistant glass and the windows are available in automatic and manual configurations. Drive thru are becoming so popular that they are used by more than just fast food restaurants. In addition to banks which also have been using the drive thru model for years coffee shops and fast casual restaurants have also implemented drive thru and Pharmacies also adopted it for convenience to customers without getting out of their car.

The functionality and security of your drive thru window may be critical to your business’s success. Many sizes of drive Thru windows are available, and can be incorporated as modular units or a part of a new storefront. They are manually or motor operated. Motorized units may have a foot control or motion detector. Older units can be serviced or retrofitted.

we understand that drive thru windows are important, and whether you are interested in new drive-thru window installation or need something repaired, you want the job done fast. Whether you are the owner or manager of a business in the fast food industry or another business type that would benefit from drive thru windows, contact us today

  • Pass Thru and Security
  • Transaction Drawers
  • Teller Windows
  • Concession and Walk Up Windows
  • Self Closing Units
  • Air Curtains can be mounted above to reduce insects from entering building
  • Custom Colors available to match your theme and architecture
  • 1/4″ Clear Tempered Glass and Bullet Resistant Glass available