Dock Shelters 1
Dock shelter provides maximum dock protection and full access to trailers while minimizing pressure on the building wall. Dock shelter creates a seal between a loading dock and a trailer. These shelters have an independent spring-loaded scissors mechanism to allow shelter to retract with the trailer keeping the shelter square. Dock shelters help protect your assets and your people from the elements while providing full, unimpeded vehicle access for a safe and productive dock. Dock shelters also help maintain temperatures in climate controlled facilities, adding to the energy savings benefits.

The flexible structures can withstand damaging force and compression when a trailer backs up to the wall for years of reliable performance. Features high wear-resistant fabric with double lock-stitched seams, bottom corner draft pads and standard 36 inch drop head curtains with fiberglass stays, protective corner reinforcement pleats and wind retention straps. The raked header with translucent fiberglass top provides natural light, permits water drainage, and provides snow load support. Available in Rigid dock shelter, Retractable dock shelter, Rigid inflatable dock shelter, Retractable inflatable dock shelter, Inflatable rail shelter.

  • Select grade pressure treated, kiln dried wood side and head frame
  • Frames covered with translucent fiberglass
  • Aluminum angle face edging
  • Cover material and wear pleats are top-grade fabrics providing superior performance and maximum durability
  • Vinyl covered foam “drop in” style draft pads
  • Steel support bumpers (black)
  • Heavy duty galvanized mounting hardware
  • 15-inch yellow guide stripe standard
  • All sew lines are locked stitched utilizing heavy bonded polyester multifilament thread with UV protectant for extended period life.
  • Dock shelters can significantly improve the energy efficiency and environment control of buildings, reducing costs.  They provide an effective barrier against the elements, keeping loading docks safe and efficient.

Dock shelters provide a positive seal between internal and external environments. They prevent the passage of dust, insects, exhaust fumes and other airborne particulate matter while the loading dock is in use.

Features :

Dock shelters help avoid safety and productivity problems associated with unprotected openings, such as:

  • Employee discomfort
  • Energy loss
  • Theft or security concerns
  • Product damage or contamination
  • Insect infiltration
  • Slippery or dangerous dock conditions
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