Dock Seals 1Compressing between the trailer and wall dock seals effectively guard against outside environmental conditions, Insects, pests, & other variables which may pass between the truck and wall. Dock seals have nylon reinforced vinyl facing, mounted, and bonded on kiln dried wood framing. They help prevent the passage of dust, insects, exhaust fumes, and other airborne particulates. Dock shelters can seal off your warehouse and interior loading dock from outside elements, keeping heating and cooling air inside while allowing full access to truck door height and width. Available in Fixed head dock seal, Adjustable curtain dock seal, L shaped dock seals, Inflatable dock seals, Fixed head inflatable dock seals.

Dock seal and shelter cover fabric specifications are based on some of the more expensive rubber based products that have been very heavily promoted by dock seal industry leaders. Although these fabrics have a good reputation, from a durability stand point the important factor is not whether the coating is rubber or vinyl, but the shear strength of the fabric. Known as Base fabric, the interwoven nylon or polyester strands sandwiched between the two layers of rubber or vinyl, is graded by the thickness and quality of the strands used in construction. For this reason knowing your material is as important as the quality of construction. On the market now there are common specified light duty base fabrics used in conjunction with expensive rubber coatings. Different coatings can feel very different offering a variety of benefits; however without the proper base layer a rather expensive product can perform at a much lower level than what is intended. The end result is a product with low durability and a high cost. We offer a wide variety of seals and dock shelters to fit your facility’s needs for vehicle type, door size, dock height, driveway grade, dock traffic and weather conditions.

Advantage :

  • Employee discomfort
  • Energy loss
  • Theft or security concerns
  • Product damage or contamination
  • Insect infiltration
  • Slippery or dangerous dock conditions
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