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A common cause of damage to facades and doors is to pass to low ramps. The manually adjustable Door and D provides a convenient and low-cost solution to avoid crossing over the ramp due to high trucks. Loading to the extreme edge of the truck is no longer a problem.

The Dock Bumper is locked in the rest position in the lowest position. The bumper upper edge is at the ramp level. If necessary, the lock is released and the bumper is automatically raised to the uppermost position. It is then 30cm above the ramp level. If the bumper is no longer needed in the top position, it can be lowered manually into the initial position. Locking is automatic.

Dock Bumpers are available in various fixed and movable versions. The following tables show the respective variants.

Dock bumper is an important part of a warehouse or manufacturing facility to protect the loading dock/Building structure  impact to the building by taking the daily abusive impact of the truck back in.Choosing the right material and installing Loading Dock Bumpers correctly can add years of uninterrupted service to your dock seals, dock levelers and other loading dock equipment. Weather you are looking for a replacement bumper, have new construction or are looking for a a better fit due to changes in dock equipment, truck height, energy bills, approaches or overhangs.  Dock and Door systems is here to assist you in making the right decision for your business.

 It is our mission to provide our customers with a great product at a great price.  Call us direct to take advantage for selection of your dock bumper and installations. There are different types of dock bumper for different applications let us check some of them together

Laminated Loading Dock Bumpers

Laminated dock mumpersmade from laminated rubber are ideal for loading docks with heavy-duty traffic.  Laminated rubber plies are assembled under extreme pressure to create a tough and reliable product.   Our laminated dock bumpers are weather resistant, maintenance free and absorb up to 80% of impact forces over many years of service.  Standard Loading dock bumpers come in 4.5” and 6” thicknesses. Lengths vary from 10” to 36” inches.

Steel Face dock bumpers

Steel face dock bumpersare constructed with 3/8” steel plate which can give twice the service life.  Ideal for docks with friction and up and down movement such as a loading dock with a dock leveler installed.  Steel face dock bumpers are tough, absorbing up to 70% of impact, and built to last.

Moulded loading dock bumper

Moulded loading dock bumpers are great for any low to medium traffic area.  One piece construction makes them reliable and tough.  Molded rubber loading dock bumpers are weather resistant and can be used indoor or out in the elements.    

Extra length laminated dock bumper

Extra length laminated dock bumpershave the same build, quality and reliability as our standard laminated loading dock bumpers.  Coming in lengths of up to 123” these bumpers can span the entire length of your dock face.  Creating a seal with unloading trucks keeping temperature controlled air in and the elements out.  This cuts down on energy costs and lost man hours due to illness from exposure to the outside conditions.

Extra thick loading dock bumper

Extra thick loading dock bumperswith extra-thickness are made with laminated rubber and  built with an extra-thick projection.  Ideal for use in loading docks with steep approaches, canopies or overhangs to provide extra stand off distance.  Extra thick rubber loading dock bumpers come in projections of up to 12 inches.  If more stand off distance is needed, gussets and other custom mountings can implemented.

Extruded dock bumper

Extruded  rubber loading dock bumpers have great utility at the loading dock, in the warehouse ,  paking garages and shipping lanes.  Extruded bumpers are also used on  tow-trucks, heavy equiptment and trailers.Extruded rubber bumpers are built tough. These dock bumpers will provide you with years of reliable service. Our extruded bumper EPDM rubber material has an (ASTM 2632) rating of 75% with a durometer reading of 70 plus or minus 5.


  •  Extruded dock bumpers well suited  for indoor out door use.
  • Made for applications in loading docks, warehouses, parking garages, seawalls and marinas.
  • Delivery vehicles including tow trucks, trailers, cranes and heavy duty construction equipment.
  • Wall guards in the warehouse where forklifts, and other material handling vehicles are in use.
  • Extruded rubber dock bumpers come in an array of designs

Nylon dock bumpers

Nylon dock bumper are made of  ultra strong nylon composite.  They are a bright hi visible yellow, making them clearly visible at your loading dock or facility and allowing for easier line up of trailers to the dock.  Nylon  bumpers slide up and down and are great for loading docks with air ride trailers or levelers.  Nylon standard dock bumpers make great replacement bumpers and fit laminated and rubber bumpers of theire size equivalent.


  •  Tough nylon polymer 2″ inches thick.
  • Slider movement means increased durability.
  • Can take the abusive  up and down friction.
  • Hi visibility Yellow, looks great and won’t corrode.
  • Best ROI lowest ownership costs of any bumper on long term
  • 4″ low profile projection or bracket available for greater projection for  custom installations.


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