Dock boards 1Dock boards, on the other hand, are made for forklift and vehicle traffic. The structural components and integrity of dock boards are made for higher capacity use and sometimes include curbs or rails. The application of the dock board will also determine whether aluminum or steel construction is the best for your needs. Lightweight and rust resistant aluminum are an excellent choice for many corrosive applications. Steel dock boards are a better alternative for higher capacity and harsher work environments.

Dock boards are used to bridge the gap between a loading dock and truck trailer. They are intended to be used with forklifts and are available in aluminum or steel construction. Dock boards come in widths of 54″ to 96″ and lengths of 36″ to 96″.

Dock boards fulfill an important niche as a productivity tool, enabling the user to move heavy equipment via forklift from loading dock to trailer level. The chief purpose of a dock board is to facilitate the loading and unloading of trucks at locations with a loading dock. They speed up loading operations and help prevent accidents. Dock boards are essential to every company that ships or receives anything.

  • Stored out of the way when not in use
  • After a truck properly docks, the dock board is set into place
  • Steel or aluminum curbs for strength and to prevent side run-off
  • Large variety of sizes and capacities are available
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