Covid 19

All Dock and Door Systems Customers,
You are likely aware that several states and local jurisdictions have issued "Shelter in Place" orders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which have required certain businesses to close. Because Dock and Door Systems is defined as an essential business and its services are necessary to maintain the continuity of operations to critical infrastructure sectors, these business closures do not impact Dock and Door Systems.

Dock and Door Systems is an essential supplier of services for a variety of industries and governments throughout the country, and thus we will continue operations without delay.

Our Sales and Operations teams are all working from their homes and we will continue to receive and accept your service requests via normal channels.

Our Service Professionals will continue to be dispatched to customer sites directly from their homes. Dock and Door Systems is fully prepared to support the needs of America's manufacturing and supply chain. We will work with you to ensure the continuous supply of products that are badly needed throughout the country. We will inform you of any change in our operational status.

Thank you for your partnership.

Overhead door, roll up door, speciality door, automatic door: service repair, installations / Retrofit

Loading dock equipments, speciality dock leveler: service, repair, installations / Retrofit

Dock and Door systems closely monitorring the covid 19 situation