Cold Storage doors 1Choose a storage door that increase productivity and preserve and maintain the temperatures for cold storage applications. Whether you’re using a high speed cold storage door to create a thermal barrier on a loading dock, to create a tight seal on a refrigerated truck. We offer new and retrofit cooler and freezer doors for use in restaurants, grocery stores, banquet halls, food processing facilities, cold storage facilities, and more. From walk in coolers to industrial warehouse applications we have cold storage doors combine the latest technology, premium materials and design features to meet the demanding requirements of the cold storage industry. Available as a sliding, swing and vertical lift door. It is important to avoid the loss of any product because of improper storage and distribution. The main purpose of low temperature storage is to avoid further biological activity i.e. genetic or enzymatic. At reduced temperatures processes are dramatically slowed down and come to a complete stop at -131 °C which is called water transition temperature.

In other words, the storage temperature is based on the activity level of the sample and the expected storage period.

The following general guidelines are used in the medical/pharmacy industry:

  • Short period storage within weeks can be done at -18 to -30 °C using mechanical freezers.
  • Medium period storage within 1-3 months can be done at -30 to -50 °C using mechanical freezers.
  • Prolonged period storage within 6-12 months can be done at -50 to -80 °C using ultra low mechanical freezers.
  • Extended period storage (years) can be done at -131 °C or lower using special cryogenic freezers or liquid nitrogen.

The process of freezing down and storing samples is done by using mechanical freezers or special storage tanks using LN2 (liquid nitrogen). This is typically used within the following medical/pharmacy applications:

  • Stem cell storage
  • Cord blood storage
  • Cell line storage other biological material storage
  • Banquet halls
  • Food processing facilities
  • Cold storage facilities
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