Posted on August 24, 2019

Check on your garage door every 3 months

Keeping your garage door in good working order isn't very complicated and will only take up 10–15 minutes of your day, once every three months. This article outlines the four checks that you should be carrying out every season to make sure your garage door system continues to work properly and safely.

  • This is the easiest bit! Stand inside your garage with the door closed and look at the system.
    Are any of the rollers worn out? Do they look like they're sliding rather than rolling?
    Are the lifting cables still intact? Are they frayed?
    If you have a torsion spring (it will be located above the top of the door), is it intact?
    If you have extension springs (above the horizontal tracks), are they distended or hanging down?
    Are the horizontal tracks aligned?
    Can you see any loose screws or bolts?
  • Garage doors are configured so that their perceived weight is no more than 10 lbs, an unbalanced door can pose a serious safety risk. To make sure your door is still properly balanced, pull on the red emergency release cord to disengage the electric door opener and then try and lift the door manually, you should be able to do it with one hand. If all seems well, lift the door about 4 feet off the ground, does the door stay in place or slowly start to close?
  • Garage doors have two reversal systems to prevent the garage door from closing if there is something in the way. To check if the mechanical reversal system is working, place a piece of wood underneath your open garage door then press the control on your electronic garage door opener to close the door. When the garage door makes contact with the piece of wood, it should automatically reverse and open.
  • If it still doesn't change direction when it makes contact with the wood, turn the screw another quarter turn and continue to do so until the mechanical reversal system is working.
  • It uses light beams and if the beam comes across an object in its path, the door will automatically reverse and lift back up. To check the photo-eye sensors are working, close the door and place your hand or foot in front of one of the two units to break the beam, the door should open. If it doesn't, one of your units is probably misaligned or there may be a broken wire between the unit and the opener.
  • If you think you need to change your garage door or garage door opener, request a quotation via email. We can even come out to your home to advise you about the options available.
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