Barrier Lip


  • Another Important Safety feature easily added to any Hydraulic or Air dock leveler:
    A Door Dock System Barrier Lip leveler comes standard with a 5” high barrier on the dock edge to assist in prevention of accidentally driving or backing off the edge of the dock while leveler is in the stored position. It is safety marked to identify the lip is in position.
  • Expanded Steel Metal grid to close off the Opening: With the unit in the stored, cross traffic position this grid allows debris to either fall through the grid or be swept into this area for it go to pit floor thus keeping this area clean for lip while in use. While in use in a trailer the lip offers a smooth transition between the platform and the lip.
  • Full Time Protection with the Door Dock System Barrier Lip: Unlike some others that are only a safety barrier lip while in the stored position the Door Dock System Barrier Lip, by design, is also in position to provide full time protection while allowing end loading of a trailer with the unit in a below dock position. End loading is still achievable with the lip in a safety position.
  • Complete Availability of the Optional Features for a Hydraulic Leveler:
    The usage of a Door Dock System barrier lip leveler allows you to utilize anything from a single push button control panel all the way up to a full featured control panel with auto return to dock, independent lip control and mushroom style emergency stop button.