Automatic vehicle restraints 1Automatic vehicle restraint makes automatic dock safety affordable and easy. Just the push of a button, the automatic vehicle restraint provides in excess of 32,000 lbs. of holding strength for additional safety against unexpected truck movement. The vehicle restraint’s operating system is completely self-contained within a heavy duty steel console for protection from dock debris, the elements and accidental damage. It is designed to secure a truck at the loading dock by connecting the rear impact guard with a large barrier. Once the rear impact guard is connected, a barrier mounted sensor provides positive communication. By a push of the button, the operator activates and stores the barrier. While in the stored position, the low profile barrier is out of the way from incoming trucks while shielding the working parts from debris and bad weather.


Automatic Positioning Each and Every Time

  • The unit is designed to automatically positron itself with carriage the moves upon contact with a trailer RIG that moves the restraint into the proper position for restraint hood to engage upon operation.

Advanced Three Light Communication System is the New Standard

  • Loading docks are noisy and horns may be missed. The Dock Door System advanced 3 light systems has an amber caution light easily seen by the dock attendant warning a safe capture has not occurred, so they can take appropriate steps to secure the trailer.

Designed With Keeping Contact with the Trailer RIG in Mind

  • An exclusively designed integral gear motor, gear and brake assembly keeps the capture hook continuously engaged. Combine this with a low profile 9” carriage and a service range of 9” to 27” off grade and you have what you need in a vehicle restraint.

Concise and Clear Communication between the Dock Attendant and the Truck Driver

  • The Red/Green LED inside/outside lights and signs assure your dock attendant and the drivers are kept “in the know” for when it is safe to do any movement at the dock. We also incorporate an amber caution light in the event a safe capture has not occurred.
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