Aluminum wheel risers 1

Wheel Risers allow trucks and semi trailers to be positioned properly above loading docks for more efficient loading and unloading of freight. Widths of 18″ and 24″. Lengths to accommodate single, dual, or tandem axle trailers. Wheel risers can be portable or permanently positioned. Custom sizes available. The Wheel risers are very site specific and a worksheet must be completed at the time of order. At the time of the order will allow us to specify the exact size, length and capacity to provide you the most effective unit for your situation. We will be able to quote you an exact price and delivery time, usually within 24 hours. Wheel Riser, and related models, are designed to raise truck trailers to be closer to loading dock height for compliance with OSHA/ANSI B56.1 part 3, section 7 which specifies the maximum allowable grade of ascending or descending loaded forklifts. Each wheel riser is 24” wide and the per pair uniform capacity is 30,000 LBS. Wheel risers for loading docks are made of heavy-duty ¼” aluminum tread plate for improved positive traction. 6″, 8″, 10″, & 12″ high risers available. All aluminum welded construction for years of reliable service. There are a variety of factors affecting the function of wheel risers, which without careful consideration, may cause them to not function as intended. If you are still unsure of whether you require wheel risers or maybe an alternative solution.

Wheel risers available in Aluminum or Steel with powder coating construction

  • Wheel Risers Eliminate unsafe, below dock loading conditions
  • Wheel Risers Reduce damage to loading dock equipment
  • Heights up to 12″wheel risers
  • Reduce damage to loading equipment
  • Achieve a greater range of use at a single dock door
  • Ideal for use with box trucks and short delivery trailers
  • Fully Customizable
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