Air powered dock leveler 1The air powered pit style dock levelers deliver the same high performance level as a hydraulic dock leveler, but does not use non sustainable hydraulic oil. The airbag  models are available to suit the application requirements or end the user preference. Air powered levelers use the power of air to raise and lower the dock plate with ease and stability. Push button operators, comprehensive warranties, and unmatched strength are just a few reasons to choose Dock and Door Systems for your next air powered leveler .When your warehouse needs safe, powered performance at an affordable price, the air powered dock levelers is the best for food and drug manufacturing related industries Air Powered dock Levelers offer benefits similar to hydraulic levelers and are designed to prevent potential stump out problems.


Structural Steel Frame:
While some manufacturers use flat stock or other light duty material, Door Dock System uses 4″ structural “C” channel on all pit levelers.

Full Width Rear Hinge:
Door Dock System is the  dock leveler  that employs a full width rear hinge mounted in compression, using a 1″ diameter solid steel rod. So indestructible, it carries a lifetime warranty.

115V/1Ph Power:
Operation of the low pressure/high volume air supply system is via this readily available 115V/1PH power source. Easy to operate with a simple push button to reliably activate and position your leveler. A receptacle type plug end is standard for ease of installation.

Smooth transition design includes a constant radius rear hinge, two point crown control on the front lip hinge and an optimized lip chamfer to reduce shakes to your lift truck operators, product and equipment.

Lockout/Tag out Maintenance:
Enhance safety at the dock during required maintenance and adjustments with this high visibility safety feature on all Door Dock System dock levelers. This takes your dock safety program to a higher level with suggested usage of this feature.

Low maintenance : Lifting system requires no scheduled maintenance. Lip mechanism requires no adjustment. Access to leveler pit is easy for quick cleaning  and inspection .

Full Range Telescoping Toe Guard:
Provides top safety to your employees at the dock while operating any Door Dock System hydraulic or air operated dock leveler. Assures any dock leveler with a downward bias inherent in operation has enhanced safety closures at the edges to protect your employees.

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