Air Door / Air Curtain 1Dock and Door Systems air curtains / Air doors are the most effective barrier available for keeping building environments free of airborne contaminants and keeping conditioned air inside where it belongs. As a crucial component of any heating or cooling system, air curtains allow for free movement of people and merchandise, while preventing the loss of conditioned air. They also prevent hot air in the summer, or cold air in the winter, from penetrating the building and disrupting the system performance and raising or lowering the standing temperature. In areas when clean air and hygiene are required, such as hospitals, restaurants and food prep environments, air curtains keep insects, gas fumes and other harmful airborne contaminants out, keeping people and their food safe. They provide sizable energy savings and increased personal comfort when applied in industrial or commercial settings.

There are two major types of air curtains: Non Recirculating [most common] and Recirculating.

Non recirculating Air Curtains:

Non recirculating air curtains are more widely used than the recirculating type because they are easier and less expensive to install and have lower maintenance costs. The height, width, and physical characteristics of the opening will indicate if the air curtain can be mounted horizontally above the door or vertically on one or both sides of the door. A horizontal mounting above the door minimizes the chances of damaging the air curtain. Use caution when mounting a unit vertically.

Recirculating Air Curtains:

Recirculating air curtains are typically used in places with constant foot traffic such as supermarkets and store entrances. They are built into the entrance, usually when the entrance is being constructed. They emit air from a discharge grille on one side of the door opening, collect it through a receiving grille on the opposite side and returning it through duct-work to the discharge grille. The non-obtrusive wide stream of low-velocity air created by recirculating air curtains is more desirable for separating environments.


Restaurants and cafeterias
Industrial kitchens
Food processing plants
Food distribution centers


Refrigerated cold storage
Drive-up and service windows
Loading docks
Receiving areas
Customer/employee entrances


Reduces Energy Costs And Consumption
Creates Effective Environmental Separation
Maintains Interior Building Temperatures
Provides Low Operational Costs
Minimizes Dirt, Dust, And Fumes
Prevents Flying Insects From Intruding
Offers An Unobstructed View, Enhancing Safety

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