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What is an air door ?

An air curtain, also known as an air door/ air screen, employs a controlled stream of air aimed across an opening to create an air seal.Air curtains install above doorways or next to openings. This seal separates different environments while allowing a smooth, unhindered flow of traffic and unobstructed vision through the opening. Because air curtains help to contain heated or conditioned air, they provide sizeable energy savings and personal comfort when applied in industrial or commercial settings. Air curtains also help to stop the infiltration of flying insects.

Air curtain acts as an invisible barrier isolating adjoining areas. Airflow may be horizontally across or vertically downwards. Air curtains help

  • To prevent cold air from pushing its way in,
  • To prevent warm air from disappearing out the door,
  • Keep fresh air by preventing pollution, dust, insects
  • Reduce the heating energy loss,
  • Cold draughts elimination.

Air Curtains Benefits

  • Reduces Energy Costs And Consumption
  • Creates Effective Environmental Separation
  • Maintains Interior Building Temperatures
  • Provides Low Operational Costs
  • Minimizes Dirt, Dust, And Fumes
  • Prevents Flying Insects From Intruding
  • Offers An Unobstructed View, Enhancing Safety

Warehouses, factories, retail premises and cold rooms are all subject to the problems caused by frequently opened doors. The open door not only causes discomfort but greatly increases energy loss and, therefore, the running costs of the building. Air Curtains for cold storage and freezers separate outside and inside temperatures with an effective air “veil.” Properly installed, Air Curtains can reduce the rate of heat and moisture flow through an open refrigerated door by 60% to 80%. The typical air flow setting for this type of environmental situation will repel summer heat while containing the air-conditioned portion inside the cooler or refrigerated area. Air Curtain doors will also assure the absence of fumes, dust or insects inside the walk-in or refrigerated room. Significant energy savings will occur, as well as fresher product, less spoilage, and savings on compressor maintenance. Air Curtains also control condensation and icing without impairing visibility.

High Performance Air Curtains save energy by minimizing heated and air conditioned air loss through open doorways. Powerful airflow prevents dust, odors, fumes, flying insects and outside air from entering indoors. Includes remote control for ease of use, oscillating louvers direct airflow. Available for industrial and commeercial applications. We offer variety of heating and control options that make this product line the superior choice for commercial and industrial applications. Air curtains are not air conditioners. They blow ambient air or heated air, but never cooled air. Main uses for air curtains include keeping out insects, fumes, smoke, dust, dirt and odors


  • Reduce wind and infiltration of outside air into heated or air conditioned areas.
  • Reduce annoying and unsanitary flying insects, dust, odors, fumes and other contaminants from entering buildings.
  • Conserve heat, enhance comfort and maintain temperature at docks while doors are open.
  • Promote safety, by providing an unobstructed view of busy doorways.

Air curtain applications
Large overhead doors, dock doors, man doors, customer entrances, high cycle doors, cooler and freezer doors.

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