We are a leading supplier of dock levelers, truck restraints, dock Seals / shelters, lift products, loading dock and warehouse safety and security products, dock bumpers, Energy efficient / green products, Commercial / industrial and Automatic doors. All the products and loading dock equipment you need to maintain or upgrade your existing loading docks. We carry complete line of after - market products and accessories.

When evaluating your loading dock there are several upgrades option to consider to help optimize loading dock safety, security and productivity. Upgrade your dock operations with added safety and security in mind.

We have full line spectrum line of dock aftermarket accessories and parts bring an added layer of protection to the dock area with safety products like impact barriers and safety gates. Keep workers more comfortable and productive while keeping costs down with energy efficient savings product solutions.

Trailer-cooling fans, LED dock light, converting your existing Mechanical leveler to hydraulic with push button operation. Mechanical leveler hold - down upgrade, dock leveler weather seal to reduce heating / cooling cost. Dock Light communication systems to provide enhanced dock safety by providing inside and outside visual communication between the dock personnel and the truck driver, with universal red and green light display.

Our excellent and affordable range of door and loading dock solutions, we are also proud to offer a selection of other services available to customers in and around Houston; check them out, 24/7 Emergency service For sales, Service / Repair and installations call us: Phone: [956] 586 – 0331