Product upgrade solutions

Loading Dock are the gateway to plant productivity and profits. Most of your deliveries and shipments cross over them. When evaluating your loading dock, there are several upgrade options to consider to help optimize loading safety and productivity. Our products are available to upgrade your existing equipment and to enhance the safety and energy efficiency of your loading dock and warehouse. Whatever your warehouse or loading dock need’s, Dock and Door systems has the product and service solutions to fill the order. Cost effective option to increase safety and productivity of your facility when full equipment replacement is not practical. Upgrade or convert your existing equipment to accommodate new trailer sizes and improve safety.

Mechanical hold down upgrades:

Mechanical dock levelers a hold down unit stores a ratchet bar that locks to the bottom of the deck and keeps it closed. As someone pulls the release chain on the deck, the ratchet bar unlocks and extends, causing the dock leveler to open.Over time, both the ratchet bar and the release bar or chain become worn and the hold down assembly can no longer secure the deck properly. Damaged ramp control teeth worn/ brake systems on a mechanical dock leveler can create an unsafe situation. Both of these problems could lead to a dangerous situation called leveler pop up. Mechanical Hold down Kit enhances unit performance by improving safety, reducing operator strain, and providing a secure hold at any point in the dock leveler working range.

  • The easy pull feature enables an upgraded dock leveler to be deployed and retracted with up to 25% less operator effort, reducing strain
  • Cadmium plated  ratchet bar and pawl teeth are designed for consistent and reliable operation
  • Secure and instant hold prevents pop ups and ensures compatibility with air ride suspension systems
  • Automatic float compensation and pressure relief system prevents tension overload, allowing the dock leveler to seamlessly adjust to changes in trailer bed height without interrupting operation.
Hydraulic conversion of Mechanical dock leveler to Hydraulic leveler :

Hydraulic conversion of Mechanical dock leveler to hydraulic leveler replace the existing main lifting and lip mechanisms of a dock leveler with a hydraulically operated main lip system. We can retro fit most brand and styles of dock levelers if the dock leveler is mechanically and structurally sound. Hydraulic conversion enables hydraulic operation of both the deck and lip. Easily adapted to all pit style dock levelers.

The normal locking and unlocking of all mechanical hold down system on a mechanical dock levelers produces wear on components that eventually causes down time for repairs. Toe guard : Full range toe guards are required under OSHA safety standards for all conversions, from Mechanical to Hydraulic operation. The conversion kit is an economical alternative to replacing an existing dock leveler. This upgrade costs considerably less than the cost of fully replacing the existing dock leveler with easy push button operation.

  • Mechanical dock levelers present ergonomic issues associated with chain-pulling and walking down the leveler, plus support leg interference prevents the platform from following the vertical moving truck bed while loading.
  • Hydraulic levelers provide un – restricted full range float.
  • Maintenance requirements and total life time operating costs are significantly lower for hydraulic dock levelers. 
  • Wall mounted push button operation of hydraulic units provide easier operator control and a higher degree of safety
  • Fall safe velocity fuse limits platform free fall to within 4″ (102mm)
  • Smooth, quiet operation at the touch of a button .
  • ANSI approved dock side toe guard protection.
  • Highly visible yellow toe guards mounted on the side of the dock prevents dock attendant from getting feet caught between the dock during operation.
  • Covers the full operating range above the cross traffic position with it’s unique telescopic design.