Yard ramps, often called forklift ramps, are a vital tool for creating a space to load and unload cargo when a loading dock isn’t available. Rail yards, manufacturing plants, warehouse facilities, and more can benefit from a portable or stationary solution that allows forklifts to safely transport cargo. We provide a wide selection of affordable yard ramps with the quality you need to maintain workplace safety.

Choosing a Yard Ramp

Most loading done by forklift trucks into semi trailers works best with 30′ of ramp and then a level off area (usually) 6′.  Many competitors will try to beat our price with 20′ to 24′ of ramp but when on the job will present the driver with a very steep grade and sometimes not easily overcome by their forklift truck.  Bluff’s design can be scaled back all the way to a 15′ MiniRamp or extended to 50′ or longer dependent on your application.

  • Also known as mobile ramps, these beasts allow unloading of a semi-trailer without the need for a building
  • Great for outside unloading or when the warehouse is out of room
  • Often used with an edge of dock leveler or a freestanding pit frame, these ramps can greatly increase efficiencies and reduce risk

Stationary or Portable

The layout of your shipping yard or dock will determine what style and features will work best for you. Along with length, width, and material, consider the following when choosing your ideal yard ramp:

  • Dock to ground applications can benefit from a stationary yard ramp that, while it can still be moved by a forklift, is designed to remain in place.
  • Portable yard ramps are easy to maneuver into position for quickly loading and unloading rail cars or trailers and feature hydraulic lifts to accommodate different heights.
  • Level offs, often 6’ in length, are recommended for ground to truck applications and enhance maneuverability for forklifts.

Standard Yard Ramp Features

  • Steel Construction
  • Steel Safety Side curbs
  • Reinforced approach Apron
  • Serrated Steel Grating Surface
  • With or Without level off
  • 2 Speed manual crank [Other options available].
  • Steel Wheels [Other options available].

Standard Tread Plate Lip
The 16 inch tread plate lip extends into the trailer or over the dock edge for smooth transitions.

Standard Safety Chains
Two 36″ chains hold the yard ramp securely to the trailer or dock; for dock to ground applications. Optional chain brackets are available.

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