Wheel Risers

Wheel Risers [also known as Truck or Trailer Risers] are a simple way to reconfigure an existing loading dock, Wheel risers allow trucks and semi -trailers to be positioned properly above loading docks for more efficient loading and unloading of freight. Widths of 18″ and 24″. Lengths to accommodate both single, dual, or tandem axle trailers. Wheel risers can be portable or permanently positioned.Custom sizes available. Wheel Risers are designed to raise the trailer for loading and unloading to facilitate compliance with OSHA/ANSI B56.1-part 3 sec 7 requirements for a maximum grade of ascending or descending loaded fork trucks. Maintaining a level trailer with the Dock eliminates safety hazards associated with uneven dock ramps. Risers are designed to facilitate compliance with OSHA requirements for a 10% maximum grade of ascending or descending loaded forklifts.

Obviously, the logical solution is to consider raising the truck bed level higher to match or exceed the existing dock height. This is accomplished with the use of Wheel Risers. There are several types of wheel risers manufactured for different applications. Width per riser is most common with 24″ over 18″ to help provide a convenience for the driver because of the dual wheels. Steel is more of a standard than the aluminum because of the overall weight versus cost factors. If portability of the risers is in high regard then ordering them with fork pockets for moving them about with forklifts is more feasible. Maximum height differential of truck bed to dock should determine the height of wheel riser units (normally 6″ to 12″) in 2-inch increments. Length ordered is determined by single or tandem axles being used and axle type/placement to the end of the trailer.

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