Vertical rise two panel bi pass cooler / Freezer door :

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What is a vertical rise 2 panel bypass cooler door?

Ideal for applications in which side clearance is limited, but headroom is ample, a vertical rise 2 panel bypass cooler door can give a company dealing with refrigerated goods, a distinct advantage. With their high productivity rates and lower operational costs, they are exceptionally durable, efficient and cost effective in the long-term. 

These doors work best when used in such environments as food and beverage processing/distribution, and the pharmaceutical industry. With their customizable, vertical rise design, they can be made to suit any specific requirements while maintaining their optimal cooling properties.

Our vertical rise 2 panel bypass cooler doors:

Whether your project involves a new construction, a replacement or a retrofit cooler, whether it’s a freezer or low temperature facility, we have a door to match your every need. Because these doors are often high-use, our high-quality doors are designed to last, and you get exactly what you pay for when you purchase one of our economic but highly efficient cooler doors.

Features of our cooler doors:

There are many features of our cooler doors, some of the most significant are listed below:

  • Perfect for use when side clearance is restricted
  • Superior sealing is guaranteed with our ‘down and in’ track system
  • Maintenance is all but eliminated with no lubrication necessary, no metal-to-metal contact and a complete gasket release travel design.
  • Our doors give you the ultimate in security and R value compared to those of our competitors.
  • Panels are constructed and sealed using high strength white metal steel with pour type polyurethane insulation.
  • Full perimeter gaskets
  • Insulated with 4 inch poured polyurethane foam (optional 5-1/2 inch) 4 inch panel R-30 rated ‘K’ factor of .12 at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do the cooling doors operate?

Moving smoothly and swiftly, our bypass cooling doors offer a fast acting but totally safe action:

  • Closing 18 inches per second, our electro mechanical opening doors are swift and efficient
  • Can be operated manually

Available options:

Wholly customizable, our doors come with a range of options:

  • Fiberglass or stainless-steel finish; other colored metals are available upon request
  • With or without windows
  • Bookplates on door panels
  • Padlocking

Performance features:

With their outstanding performance, our vertical rise 2 panel bypass cooler doors have a number of features that help them to function well long-term:

  • Torque sensing stop/reverse full height of door panel
  • Header mounted control box with pre-wired remote digital display
  • Pre-wired motor and encode
  • LED indicators for door status
  • Reversing photo eye sensor

What are the benefits of our vertical rise 2 panel bypass cooler door?

At Dock and Door Systems, our vertical rise 2 panel bypass cooling doors are high performing and ideally suited for use in the following applications:

  • Restaurants
  • Diners
  • Warehouses
  • Retail units
  • Accelerators

With walk in freezers and other cooling systems often accessed multiple times a day, if not hundreds, depending upon the industry, a door can easily become worn and begin not to function at its best if operated manually. If employees are carrying heavy loads when opening the door, they often end up slamming or banging it shut, which over time, can end up resulting in damage to both the door and the wall. Not only that, but if the door remains open after a person has passed through it (maybe they’re unable to close it because their hands are full), then a lot of energy can be wasted, and products that need to be kept at a consistent temperature can become spoiled over time. However, choose an automatic bypass cooler door from our range, and you’ll find that these problems, and more, are instantly eliminated. With the use of a remotely controlled system, these technically innovative doors save time and energy, and are a fantastic long-term investment for any business owner.

Vertical rise bypass cooler doors with sensors:

This ingenious technology enables the bypass cooler door to sense a person’s presence and automatically open as you approach it. Detecting your presence by sensing changes to sound, light, motion and weight, the door smoothly and efficiently opens and then closes again once you’ve passed through it.

Do you need to replace your commercial cooling door?

In many cases, due to the wear and tear that manual commercial cooling doors are exposed to every day of the year, if they begin to malfunction or break altogether, it may not be worth getting them repaired. Oftentimes the extent of the damage or wear is too far gone, and the money that you’d need to spend on fixing it, far outweighs the cost of buying a replacement door.

At Dock and Door Systems, our range of vertical bypass cooling doors make a sound investment, and because of their automatic opening system, they will naturally receive far less wear and tear over the course of their life (which consequently will be for many years), than a manually operated cooling door would.

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