Vertical rise fiber glass door

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Available from our vast range of products are vertical rise fiberglass doors.

What is a vertical rise fiberglass door?

If your commercial or industrial facility has a large opening, then a vertical rise fiberglass door will doubtless be the ideal solution. Built to withstand high winds, high altitude and the toughest of climates, they are tough doors that are suitable for a variety of applications, in particular distribution centers, loading docks, warehouses, and any building with limited side room.

The space saving advantages of vertical rise fiberglass doors:

Vertical rise doors work exceptionally well in distribution centers and warehouses due to their space saving advantages, and items such as shelves (naturally common and vital in such types of buildings), can easily be stacked high without any tracks getting in the way.

Other advantages of vertical rise doors, is that if your business uses high-profile vehicles, they can be lifted as high as your head or even higher with the use of a floor jack, because there are no tracks to inhibit this, making them perfect for use as dock doors.

Mounting styles:

Vertical rise doors can either be mounted inside a building, or on the outside of it; when mounted inside on a wall, there must be ample headroom to run a garage door track above the opening to the door. If head room is limited inside the building, then the doors can be mounted on the exterior to prevent any alterations being required to any existing framework.

What’s the difference between a vertical rise door and a high lift door?

Perhaps the most significant difference between these two types of door, is that vertical rise doors don’t have tracks that are curved, meaning that the door can only be operated by sliding straight up into the wall. Eliminating visible tracks and helping businesses to make the most of the space they have, they are the ultimate space saving door. High lift doors, on the other hand, have a longer, straighter section of track that runs between the top roller and the curved section of the track, meaning that space cannot be maximized as effectively.

Whether you have a large business operating in a large building, or a small company running out of a small facility, vertical rise doors offer the ultimate solution for space saving.

Our vertical rise fiberglass doors:

Our vertical rise doors can be made suitable for so many different requirements, and with their simple and reliable operation, they give you the ability to better control the temperature inside a facility and help reduce energy bills, while also allowing for the safe and unimpeded flow of traffic, be it vehicles or pedestrians.

Our vertical rise fiberglass doors for cold storage facilities:

Here at Dock and Door Systems, we have a fantastic selection of vertical rise doors for cold storage applications; available to buy in manually operated models, or electric motor models, they are made out of fiberglass that has been reinforced using pultrusion, and have an extremely tough perimeter framework. Each corner of the door has been reinforced with steel for added durability, and the panels are foamed-in-place with the use of non-CFC polyurethane insulation.

Features of our vertical rise fiberglass doors:

Here are some of the key features of our vertical fiberglass doors at a glance:

  • There are absolutely no visible tracks
  • Our vertical rise doors slide straight up into the wall
  • They can be telescoping or stacked side-by-side
  • For extra safety and ease of use, a counterweight balance is used in all vertical rise doors
  • Due to their simplistic but effective and durable design, maintenance and repair costs can be kept to a minimum

Need a vertical rise door to be repaired? Let us help you:

The team at Dock and Door Systems have extensive experience with these doors, and are able to repair them professionally and efficiently when necessary. We are also able to find and fabricate any parts that may be required, but which have since become obsolete.

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