Trailer fan

Loading dock fans  can improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of dock operations by improving the dock environment by reducing temperature by fan circulations.Trailer Fan helps increase employee comfort and productivity by moving the air inside the trailer. When loading and unloading a trailer, temperatures can vary uncontrollably summer in Texas . Non air conditioned interiors in warehouses, distribution centers and industrial facilities with little or no air movement, sun exposure on the dock itself, and trailers that can reach in excess of 100 degrees inside, can all combine to cause added stress on employees and dramatic drops in productivity.

 Loading dock fan provide an ideal solution for cooling and ventilating loading docks, shipping areas, warehouses, and a variety of industrial applications. The mount allows the fans to swing into the dock door opening to cycle external air into the trailer and move the hot air out. The design of the mounting bracket allows the fan to circulate air through the trailer, while keeping the fan safely out of the way of operators and forklift trucks.

 The fans are available in a variety of sizes, with airflow rates designed to accommodate a broad range of trailer sizes and environmental conditions. Fan selection is a function of trailer volume, anticipated range of trailer / facility temperature differentials and the desired time to eliminate the temperature differential. Dock and dock systems high capacity fans provide a powerful ventilation and cooling for  loading dock  and inside the trailer.

  • Thermally protected to prevent overheating
  • Professional installation
  • Finger guards
  • Increase employee comfort and productivity  
  • Optional dock light can be mounted on same bracketing as fan
  • Swivels and pivots to allow for directional air flow.
  • Moves out of opening for full access fork truck traffic.
  • Quite  and energy efficient operation

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