Bi-part sliding telescoping seamless fiberglass doors are perfect for areas with limited space. Manual Model: Push to open/push to close. Manual Model: Push for open/push to shut. 1-3/4" thick structural seamless wrought iron panels with polyester gel-coat finish. Non-porous, non-absorptive, and non-shedding. 304 or 316 #4 stainless steel-clad panel. Complete header and rail enclosed within a 16 ga. 304 #4 stainless steel sloped shroud. Alternatives full perimeter gaskets and interlocking center seal. Non-marking grey vinyl, blade kind. White color standard. Flush vision. Panel is not affected by chemicals. 20ga. stainless steel border capping for added protection and durability. Panel structure: Totally seamless. Header/Rail and side frame construction. High-density closed mobile polyurethane foam core.Non-porous, non-absorptive and non-shedding panel surface. Stainless steel optional. Unique double interlocking center seal. FDA GMP, EMEA and DEA compliant. Manual model: Push to open/push to close. Telescoping bi parting fiber glass guide door: Clear anodized railroad construction and aluminum header.

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