Specialty dock levelers

A loading dock leveler acts as a bridge to safely allow the transfer of goods from a semi-trailer, truck or rail car to the building and vice-versa. The height differences between the truck and the building, the type of goods handled, and the material handling equipment used are a few of the factors that can determine which dock leveler is best for your application. Due to this diversity, we offer many types of dock levelers to fit a wide variety of applications.

Standard dock levelers

The most common dock leveler is a pit mounted type leveler. Since it stores when not in use and allows for a relatively secure and sealed building. The method [operating system] to position a leveler into and out of a truck varies. The various operating systems include:

  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Air [low pressure, high-volume]
  • Hydraulic

Specialty Pit style Levelers

We have solutions that will address those requirements and provide you with efficient and safe equipment. Specialty pit type dock levelers include:

  • Telescoping lip
  • Verticals Storing
  • Flex lip
  • Barrier lip
  • Oversized leveler

Hydraulic dock leveler with telescopic lip offers optimum flexibility for handling all loading situations including end loads. Hydraulic telescopic lipdock levelers have a movable telescopic lip, which provides a larger contact area between vehicle bed and dock leveler. The telescopic lip can be extended onto the vehicle bed with the utmost precision. The lip design includes four maintenance free roller bearings to reduce friction and to provide a very user-friendly operation. The tapered lip provides flexibility when handling different vehicle widths. The dock levelers can be supplied in many dimensions, load capacities and working ranges.

Vertical storing dock leveler/ Rail leveler:

Vertical storing dock leveler allows the overhead door to form a perfect seal to the pit floor. Vertical storing levelers offer improved cleanliness, overhead door protection, increased security, improved productivity, and easy maintenance.They are normally mounted on face of wall but can also be put into a short-recessed pit. Vertical storing dock levelers can be installed in either a single pre-formed pit or shelf style pit for multiple units.


  • Improves security : By minimizing the points of entry into the facility with the door closed to the pit floor.
  • Environmentally friendly : Hydraulic fluid is biodegradable and out performs traditional industrial-grade fluid.
  • Environmental control: overhead door closing to the pit floor. This helps reduce dust, debris and rodents from entering the facility and eliminates the energy loss from a pit style leveler when stored.

Flex lip levelers:

Flex lip leveler provide substantial costs savings by reducing equipment repair, cargo damage and/or personnel injury to keep the rotating lip horizontal throughout its operational range even during below dock loading. Reducing the risk of grounding low clearance pallet trucks, forklifts, and providing the smoothest transition from truck bed to loading dock.

Barrier Lip leveler:

Barrier lip leveler prevents forklift trucks from driving over the dock edge, while also protecting the overhead door from damage. The Barrier Lip is usable anytime the leveler is in the cross-traffic position and offers a smooth transition between the platform and lip.


  • Automatic free fall protection: Dependable hydraulic velocity fuse stops rapid leveler descent within 3″  with a heavy load on the platform.
  • Barrier lip leveler   high barrier on the dock edge to assist in prevention of accidentally driving or backing off the edge of the dock while leveler is in the stored position.

Extra wide dock leveler:

Extra wide dock leveler with auto positioning hydraulic bumpers are built to increase productivity and efficiency at the loading dock by providing unrestricted, full width access to trailers and flat beds.

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