Door opening speeds up to 4 ft per second, the single sliding model provides unmatched productivity, material handling efficiency and energy cost savings, without compromising insulation, seal or low-cost energy consumption. The complete wood less construction eliminates any chance of fibrous contamination. The single sliding door system has no chains and requires no lubrication. One-piece gasket design and simple quick connect heat virtually eliminates maintenance.


  • Door opening speeds up to 4′ per second provides material handling efficiency and energy cost savings.
  • Complete wood less construction eliminates any chance of fibrous contamination.
  • Door systems requires no lubrication and has no metal-to-metal contact eliminating wearing surfaces.
  • Exclusive seamless rail system provides a self-cleaning, virtually frictionless surface for lubed for life nylon roller wheels.
  • Superior sealing with a full perimeter non-marking gasket system and “down and in” track design.
  • All individual gasket runs have extruded receptacles for easy single piece gasket removal and replacement.
  • High performance clutch less and brake less DC drive ensures high speed and continuous operation.

Panel Construction

  • Sealed and unitized design.
  • 4″ panel thickness. (Optional 5.5″.)
  • White metal construction.
  • Full perimeter heat (Freezer Model Only)


  • Powered model has high speed electromechanical operator. [Speeds up to Open-48”/sec. – Close-24”/sec].
  • 115/230-volt, single phase.
  • DC motor with clutch less / brake less operation.
  • Encoded self-calibrating limit position.
  • Standard motor / encoder IP65 rated.
  • Remote digital display with self-diagnostics and fault indicators.


  • Manual operation.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Molded fiberglass panel.
  • Windows.
  • Breakaway wall retention track.
  • Colored metal.
  • Padlocking.
  • Shroud for rail and operator.

POWER Models only:

  • Actuators: Pull cord; photo eye; radio control; loop detector or motion detector.
  • tandard operation – activate open time delay close.
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