Single Sliding metal track cooler freezer door Manual or Power operated

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If you’re looking for a door solution for your cooler or freezer storage facility, then we have the perfect product, read on to know more.

What are single sliding metal track cooler/freezer doors?
Designed to be used by cold storage and food processing facilities that have limited space or swinging doors to operate, single sliding metal track cooler/freezer doors can be used for both interior and exterior cooling and freezing applications that require an opening large enough to facilitate the unhindered movement of pallets and fork lift traffic.
Our single sliding metal track cooler freezer doors:
With an opening speed of 4 feet per second, our insulated, single sliding doors not only offer unbeatable efficiency and energy cost savings, but can adequately preserve interior facility temperatures at an affordable price, without compromising on quality. Their woodless construction totally eliminates the risk of contamination from fibers, and because our sliding metal track doors have no chains, and are made from a one-piece gasket design, they do not need to be lubricated and are virtually maintenance free.
Below are some of the top features of our single sliding metal track cooler/freezer doors:
Sliding door features:

  • All materials can be handled efficiently with a swift, 4 feet per second door opening speed, and thanks to the high speed, interior temperatures can be maintained, helping to significantly lower the cost of energy bills.
  • Fibrous contamination is all but eliminated with the entirely woodless construction
  • Lubrication is not required, and with no metal-to-metal contact either, wear and tear are highly unlikely, making the overall maintenance requirements, virtually nonexistent.
  • Nylon roller wheels that have been lubricated, roll smoothly along a seamless rail system that is self-cleaning; providing an almost entirely friction free surface.
  • A full perimeter non-marking gasket system and ‘down and in’ track design allows for superior sealing.
  • For simple, single piece gasket removal and replacement, all individual gaskets have extruded receptacles.
  • High speeds and a continuous, smooth operation are guaranteed with the high-performance clutch free and brakeless DC drive.

Panel construction:
Details of how each panel is constructed can be found below:

  • Sealed and utilized design
  • Panels are 4 inches thick with an option to increase thickness to 5.5 inches
  • Constructed from white metal
  • For freezer door models, they offer full perimeter heat

Details of how our single sliding metal track doors operate can be found below:

  • The powered model functions with a high-speed electromechanical operator that has an opening speed of up to 48 inches per second and closing speed of 24 inches per second
  • 115/230-volt single phase
  • The DC motor has clutch free and brakeless operation
  • Encoded self-calibrating limit position
  • Standard motor/encoder IP65 rated
  • Comes with a remote digital display that has self-diagnostics and fault indicators

Some of the available options for our single sliding metal track doors are listed below:

  • Manual operation
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Molded fiberglass panel
  • Windows
  • Breakaway wall retention track
  • Colored metal
  • Padlocking
  • Shroud for rail and operator

Features exclusive to our powered door models:

  • Actuators can be pull cord, radio controlled, loop or motion detector
  • Standard operation – activated opening and delayed closing
  • Our planned maintenance program:

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Our planned maintenance program:

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