Safety barriers

Dock and door systems warehouse safety products is designed to protect people, structures and products in your warehouse. An impact from a forklift could collapse, damaging goods and trapping drivers.

Guard Rails:

Warehouse guard rails are designed to keep your stock and your staff safer and to save your business money. These rails will enable you to separate traffic zones, to fence off restricted areas and to protect your most valuable equipment and inventory.Don’t cut corners with inferior products when you’re investing in warehouse guard rails you need the certainty that they will be durable enough to stand up to a heavy impact from a forklift or falling crates.

  • Tough, tough steel guard rails.
  • Powder coated OSHA yellow.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Bolt on rails: Designed for permanent installation.
  • Lift out rails: Removable for easy access.

Folding Security gate:

Safety foldingsecurity gates protect the shipping area during daily operation as well as provide an additional layer of protection against a break in attempts, when the warehouse is closed for business and bay doors are open for ventilation in day time, as well as providing a barrier to prevent accidental falls from elevated loading docks. Folding security gate is made up of heavy gauge galvanized steel, perfect solution for docks with limited space. When folded tuck neatly against the wall.

  • Securing the facility:Control access to dock doors, secure areas, internal areas and other entry points. Full ventilation and security while your overhead doors are open. Galvanized, heavy-duty gates withstand weather and are rust-resistant.
  • Built to last:Galvanized, heavy-duty gates withstand weather and are rust-resistant.
  • Fixed single security gate: Sized for pedestrian entryways and doors.
  • Fixed double security gate: For garage and dock entries. Center drop pin stabilizes door when closed.

Machine guard:

Prevent damage to valuable machinery from forklifts and pallet trucks.

  • Solid steel construction. High visibility safety yellow.
  • Protect equipment inside and guide semitrailers into docks outside. Tubular steel handles heavy abuse.
  • Removable:Mounting plates slide out of removable bases for temporary access to equipment or machinery.

Safety Railing:

Safety railing keep employees safe on walkways, mezzanines and drop offs for indoor or outdoor use.Safety railing systems are a vital part of keeping any workplace safe and OSHA compliant. Safety railing can be used for a number of different purposes in the loading dock and warehouse Some employers simply require dock doors to be closed at all times when a truck is not at the dock. But most factories aren’t climate-controlled, so open dock doors provide ventilation. And on a busy dock, it’s easier to see trucks arriving with the door open, and easier to use the dock without having to repeatedly open and close the door. The current OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.23(b) relating to Protection for Wall Openings every wall opening from which there is a drop of more than 4 feet shall be guarded by an actual fall protection barrier

Semitrailers, flatbeds and straight trucks all have bed heights that closely align with 48-inch-high platforms, so loading dock platforms most commonly are 44 to 48 inches high. Refrigerated trucks are 50 to 60 inches in bed height, so they always will require a guardrail.
Dock safety gates:
Dock safety gates keep employees and forklifts on your docks. Loading Dock Safety Gate reduces the danger of falls from docks, bays or exposed edges when closed. Built from heavy duty materials, this gate is expertly counterbalanced to enable easy, one hand operation. Two options of dock safety gates available, to fit a standard 8′ to 10′ loading dock, as well as a 10′ to 12′ loading dock.

Wire machine guards:

Wire machine guards protect your staff and safeguard your automated equipment. The complete guarding system makes it easy to rearrange or expand enclosures in plant or warehouse areas. With a variety of sizes, styles and options available. These barriers are a strong and economical solution to plant safety needs. Versatility of this system allows easy integration of access doors or larger openings with system controls. We offer a full line of special colors and accessories such as hinged doors, sliding doors, lift out panels and locking latches to integrate with your machine guarding system.

The welded wire's straight lines and inherent strength of either the woven or welded wire provide a strong, modern looking guard to complement your facility and equipment.

Overhead door track protection:

Overhead door track protection prevents costly damage from forklifts or pallet truck to your dock door. In the case of exterior opening door is hit by fork lift, energy loss, rodent infiltration, reduced employee comfort and security breach. Overhead door track protector fit new and existing doors.

  • Helps prevent impacts due to high-visibility safety yellow finish
  • Does not interfere with normal door operations
  • Select heights from 24" to 48" tall protectors

Safety barrier:

Safety barrier temporarily restrict access and ensure warehouse safety and security.Safety Barrierprotects employees from industrial accidents caused by forklifts and moving warehouse machinery. Safety barriers are physical or non-physical means planned to prevent, control, or mitigate undesired events or accidents

  • An energy-absorbing design to direct impacts along the rails and into the concrete
  • A post and rail safety barrier system that completely protects you from heavy equipment
  • Customization to fit any space, no matter the size
  • Crash guard can be added for extra security
  • Highly visible rails that always stand out in a busy environment