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At Dock and Door Systems, we are proud to be a leading commercial door and loading dock service provider based in Houston, TX, and with our comprehensive and varied range of services, we’re certain you won’t need to look anywhere else to satisfy all your dock and door needs. From design consultation and the installation of hundreds of different doors, HVLS fans, air curtains, light communication packages and dock levelers - to name just a few - right through to repair work and maintenance; our expert team of specialists and technicians provide it all.

If your business has been searching for a reliable, affordable and professional company to supply them with material handling equipment, dock products and doors, then we’re happy to tell you that your search is over. Our unbeatable level of service means that not only do we have a fantastic and wide variety of equipment and other products at prices you won’t be able to find anywhere else, but we deliver, install, repair and maintain them for you, too, while providing round the clock advice and guidance for customers with any concerns or queries. Why look elsewhere when you’ve got everything you need right here?

With our wide range of economical but highly effective solutions, you’re bound to find a rubber door to suit your every need.

How effective are commercial rubber doors?

Comprised of no less than 9 layers of mixed materials – predominantly polyester weave and nitrile rubber - commercial rubbers doors are exceptionally tough and durable. Nitrile rubber, commonly known as NBR, is a synthetic rubber renowned for its resistance to high temperatures and a variety of oils. While commercial doors made from rubber are incredibly light, this doesn’t mean that they are any less strong, and like their fabric counterparts, these rubber doors have a variety of fantastic features, such as being high speed, coming with push switch self-repair options, and having obstruction detection units and warning lights, too. With windows optional and a variety of color finishes available, rubber doors can usually be customized to match any number of specific requirements.

Wind resistant rubber doors:

In comparison to fabric high speed doors, rubber doors are even more durable, and designed to withstand much tougher conditions. Wind stress can have a significant impact on many types of commercial doors, and fortunately, rubber doors have been tested and designed to function as normal during winds of up to 75 mph.

Our rubber doors:

With overhead rubber doors an increasingly popular choice for many businesses operating in commercial and industrial sectors nowadays, here at Dock and Door Systems, we are proud to offer you a comprehensive selection of highly durable, long lasting roll up or sectional rubber doors. Overhead doors virtually eliminate many of the maintenance issues that arise from doors with standard hinges, and while you might think that only a steel door can offer you the best protection, rubber is incredibly tough and is a very effective way to secure a building opening, while giving an efficient and speedy performance. Operated by a direct-drive motor, springless design and with a heavy-duty curtain, our rubber doors are built to function at their very best, continually, with no counterweights, tension springs, hinges, pulleys or straps. Because of this, Dock and Door Systems rubber doors minimize downtime and help to keep business operations running smoothly as needed. With their high performance, our rubber doors enable equipment, goods and people to flow in and out of a facility with ease.

Below are some of the advantages of our rubber doors:

  • Business operations are fully protected from high wind loads, pollutants and contaminates
  • Energy losses are minimized with efficient, fast opening doors and a reliable, smooth opening and closing action
  • Damage from accidental impact is reduced due to an automatic breakaway system that releases a curtain
  • The tough rubber curtain is able to withstand even the most extreme of temperatures, ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit
  • With its compact design, heavy duty operation involving minimal moving parts and anti-collision rubber curtain, pedestrian and vehicle traffic can be kept moving for optimum efficiency and productivity

Reduce operational downtime and the risk of damage from general wear and tear, while
increasing your overall efficiency, by investing in an affordable rubber door from our
customizable and comprehensive selection.

Our mission:

Understanding the unique needs of each of our customers is what we believe makes us stand apart from our competitors, and with such a vast range of products and systems that can be customized, we’re guaranteed to be able to meet those unique needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Every industry is different, and every business has its own set of goals; we recognize and understand this, and as such, have come up with a huge range of solutions to help you achieve those goals while still being able to offer your own clients a professional and affordable service.

Why we are experts at what we do:
Having been deeply involved in the dock and door industry for more than twenty years, and with a team whose combined experience totals a whopping 70 years, there isn’t much that we can’t tell you about dock and door solutions and products, and we love nothing more than sharing our expert knowledge with our valued customers. With backgrounds in hydraulics, mechanics, pneumatics, robotics and electrics, you can rely upon our professional team to find the right solution for your particular industry needs, and if you’re simply looking for unbiased, qualified advice about a product, we’re here to help you with that, too. Taking advantage of the latest advances in technology, and using only the most innovative products and systems has kept us at the top of our field for many years now, and since we are always striving to learn more and adapt our existing skills, we plan on remaining as industry leaders for the foreseeable future.

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