Mini Ramps

Mini ramp is the cheapest model because it doesn´t require civil work, but the mounting procedure is made by welding onto an existing metal profile. In the absence of any metal profile, the installation of the angle as well as some feet is recommended.

The mini yard ramp is composed by two folding lips manually operated, compensated through a gas cylinder and with very easy procedure so that it can be used by one person. Its system adapts itself to the movement of the truck suspensions and goes automatically into the rest position in case the truck leaves the dock. This model is manufactured with a steel structure and a coarse sheet and is served equipped with two bumpers.

There are worlds of applications that have a target height that is one half or less of normal dock height. When your high side is 32″ or less you might consider this economical solution. This mini ramp is 3ft. Tall [from the ground to the top of the deck], 8ft. Wide and 24′-0 from end to end (including each deck).

 Capacities from 12,000 lbs to 60,000 lbs

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