Mechanically operated E.O.D:

Dock and Door systemsEdge of dock levelers [ E.O.D] are the largest selling edge of dock levelers in Texas.When dock space is limited or the working range of a full size, pit style leveler is not needed. Suited for where pit leveler installation is not practical or standard fleet bed heights are serviced at the loading dock.Easy operation by pulling back the handle to lift over the dock height, and then pushing to position the lip onto the truck floor. Edge of dock Leveler is a lever activated; torsion spring assisted model. Mechanical E.O.D utilizes an adjustable torsion spring. It provides and economical transition from the building to the truck. Dual extension spring lift mechanism offers proven efficiency and durability. Precession engineering and rugged construction ensure extended life, operation is safe and easy.

  • Saves time and space with no need to store
  • Leveler operating handle allows for a simple operation without bending over the dock
  • Working range of 5 inches above and below the dock level
  • Easily upgradable to hydraulic application
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