Loading dock door / Bay door

Dock and Door Systems have teams of committed and seasoned dock and door experts which specialize in the service, installations and repair of all loading dock equipment, exterior or interior doors and specialty dock equipment. From new building and installations to routine and emergency repair, maintaining your loading docks in peak performance is vital to your business. Whether you're looking to spend less, make energy efficiencies or create your loading dock more functional, and more powerful explore the broad range of doors. The efficient flow of merchandise in and outside of facilities is critical in the highly competitive world. A number of factors must be considered when coordinating dock heights and door sizes, and when selecting the proper loading dock equipment. You should also consider future changes to the loading dock application when deciding on the size and capacity of the loading dock equipment. A typical loading dock may at some point service every type of vehicle on the road. It is essential to recognize the characteristics of the trailers that will be visiting the loading dock with the highest frequency. Special considerations must be made when incorporating other loading dock equipment with a declined dock approach. Dock seals need to be tapered to match the angle of the trailer. If the seals are not tapered, effective sealing will not be accomplished and dock seal damage is likely. Vehicle restraints must also be projected sufficiently to ensure proper operation and safety.

Loading dockHeight:

Dock height will determine the grade percentage from dock to vehicle. The general selection criteria are the maximum grade percentage from dock to vehicle: when using electric powered handling equipment, it is 10%, and for gas- or diesel-powered equipment 15%. Exceeding these grade percentages may result in equipment "hang up", damage to handling equipment and load spillage. Improper applications and use of dock levelers when there is a severe grade difference can lead to damage and premature failure of the dock levelers.

Loading dock door widths:

Selecting the proper door size is essential when planning the loading dock. Improperly sized doors can create reduced efficiency, and product damage. consideration must be given to both the variety of trailers that will visit the dock and the loading method of the product. Door should be spaced on 12’ centers to accommodate the majority of vehicles, the use of dock seals / shelters, and the mounting of two-way communication light systems. Trailers can range in height from flatbed units (approximately 48") to closed vans (162" from ground level). The highest internal height for product loading is approximately 114" high. To properly design for the dock door, you must plan for the maximum legal truck width, of 8'6,an 8'0" wide dock door may not provide sufficient overall width if the truck has side-by-side pallets to unload/load and if a truck comes in off-center; it may require the truck to reposition, reducing efficiency of the loading dock. The ideal dock door width is 9'0" wide; it reduces the possibility of door track damage and allows for side-by-side pallets, as well as, slightly off-center truck position at the loading dock.The 9'0" high door provides improved access to the maximum trailer height and higher load heights are permitted. The 10'0" high door height typically provides the best access to the maximum trailer height. Special consideration should be given when choosing a dock seal or shelter for a 10' high door. A dock shelter with a 10' high door provides the greatest degree of unobstructed access to the rear of the trailer. Whatever the needs of your loading dock,controlling bugs / pests we have aluminum screen doors and air door, it may be an indoor door or outdoor door or cooler/freezer door, high-speed door, high cycle door or you want impactable door. we have a variety of steel, Rubber or fabric doors and loading dock equipment for any application.

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