Lift tables

Dock and door Systems lift tables raise loads to the proper ergonomic heights for the operator for a safe and efficient workplace. Lift Tables reduce time lost to personnel injuries and helps increase productivity. Dock Door Systems Lift tables come equipped with hydraulic steel fittings and stainless steel braided hydraulic hosing for increased durability are optional. Polished chrome shafts are used at all slide and pivot points to minimize the wear and prolong component life. This lift table can be designed to fit a multitude of applications.

Dock and door Systems representative for more information.Maintenance lock out bars are standard on lift tables. All tables are inspected and tested before they leave our facility.Our lift table family includes: Hydraulic Lift Tables, Pneumatic Lift Tables, Floor Height Lift Tables, Pallet lift tables, Portable lift tables, Compact lift tables, Turntable lifts, Lift and Tilt tables, High rise lift tables, Tandem lifts, Heavy-duty lifts and more.In addition to our standard product offering we routinely create custom modified units to suit special requirements.

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