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At Dock and Door Systems, we are proud to be a leading commercial door and loading dock service provider based in Houston, TX, and with our comprehensive and varied range of services, we’re certain you won’t need to look anywhere else to satisfy all your dock and door needs. From design consultation and the installation of hundreds of different doors, HVLS fans, air curtains, light communication packages and dock levelers - to name just a few - right through to repair work and maintenance; our expert team of specialists and technicians provide it all.

If you need a high-performance door for your business, we’ve got a wide selection of customizable doors to match your requirements perfectly.

What is a high-performance door?

Whatever type of industry you’re involved in, the entranceway to your facility is going to need a strong, durable door that’s easy to open and close and able to meet the extreme operational demands of a busy working environment.

Hugely beneficial for a wide range of industries and applications, high performance doors are made from durable materials that offer functionality coupled with security. Able to save you money by helping to improve the operational and energy efficiency of your business, while also reducing maintenance costs, high performance doors are the ideal choice. 

Popular applications for high-performance doors:

  • Parking garages
  • Security doors
  • Freezer and cooler doors
  • Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Railways
  • Waste management facilities

What industries are best served by high-performance doors?

High-performance doors are ideally suited for a number of industries, the most common of which can be found below:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Parking and automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Mining and industrial
  • Oil and gas
  • Lumber, pulp and paper
  • Waste management

What are the benefits of high-performance doors?

The benefits of high-performance doors are many and varied, but the most important are listed below:

  • Ability to save businesses money on both energy and operational costs
  • Efficient and consistently reliable performance
  • Processes can be streamlined
  • Offering maximum security and work-related safety
  • Requiring minimal maintenance and as a consequence, fewer repairs

Our high-performance doors:

The durable construction of Dock and Door Systems extensive range of high-performance doors, makes them ideal for use where a higher and more efficient operating speed is required. Our doors are available in horizontal or vertical models and can be used internally, or externally, more details of which can be found below:

Exterior high-performance doors:

To ensure that your business operations can continue unhindered, consider investing in our fantastic high performing exterior doors. Designed to offer you a secure, strong and dependable performance, they are available in metal or rubber.

Our rubber exterior high-performance doors are constructed from heavy-duty steel and have an impact-proof rubber curtain. Compatible with large openings and able to cope with high forklift and heavy equipment traffic, they are a reliable choice.

Our metal exterior high-performance doors provide you with a secure and energy efficient entrance to your building, and if you choose a rapid roll door, you’ll find that it’s the ideal door for use in a warehouse, car dealership or equipment service bay.

Interior high-performance doors:

Our high-performance interior roll-up doors give you security and reliability, coupled with efficiency and can be used effectively to segregate critical areas within a facility. Ranging from cold storage applications, clean rooms and general manufacturing to special machine protection, our innovative and heavy-duty rolling interior doors are the perfect choice if you’re looking for an advanced safety system and pressure resistance.

Clean room high-performance doors:

Ideal for use in controlled environments, our range of high-performance clean room doors afford a virtually airtight seal that helps to reduce any drops in pressure and protects the facility from drafts, humidity and outside pollutants. They would work exceptionally well in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and micro-mechanics industries.

With incredible airtight seals, super-fast speeds and a long lasting, durable performance, these doors give fantastic control over particle concentration and air changes, and help to maintain a high standard of clean room, as per health and safety guidelines and laws.

Our cold storage high-performance doors:

Most cold storage facilities have doors that are opened and closed many times a day, if not hundreds of times, and being able to preserve the correct temperature inside the facility is paramount. Thankfully, our cold storage doors can help you do exactly that, and ensure that you not only maintain a thermal barrier if being used on a loading dock, but create a tight seal on a refrigerated truck where a mobile, high-speed door is needed.
Our planned maintenance program:

For your business to continue to run smoothly, you need your dock and door systems to function as normal and perform at their best, all the time. That means consistent maintenance and staying on top of repairs. Fortunately, when you enlist our help at Dock and Door Systems, we will expertly and efficiently take care of all your regular service needs and during scheduled reviews, we will thoroughly assess the condition of every system and piece of equipment, provide you with an official, written report of our findings, and repair any faults or damage immediately.

Regular maintenance is vital for the longevity of all dock and door systems, so talk to our friendly team about scheduling a check for your equipment, today.

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