In fitting Freezer is designed for use in heavy personnel traffic, hand truck passage and low temperature areas operations. We carry all types of insulated doors for your cooler, freezer, and Refrigerated warehouse. Every door is custom built to apply to your specifications with many standard features. The doors can be manufactured to be in fitting or overlap and all doors have heavy duty corrosion resistant hardware. Most of our doors are suitable for interior or exterior applications and available in manual or electric operators.


  • A premier quality door for heavy personnel traffic, hand truck passage and low temperature operation.
  • The in-fitting door is durable for heavy personnel traffic in/out of coolers or freezers
  • Sealed and unitized panel with pour-type polyurethane insulated core and molded fiberglass shell with high gloss gel-coated surface.  
  • Full supporting internal framework of 11 gauges structural steel.
  • Internal 1/4” steel mounting plates for all hardware anchoring.
  • Synthetic grease-resistant gaskets at four sides for positive seal.
  • Heavy-duty cam-lift hinges latch with lock, strike and inside safety release.
  • Freezer door provided with “No Frost” heater cable system.  Fully adjustable thermostatic control.
  • Standard sizes range between 1’6”x1’6” to 4’x7’ with custom options available upon request. (4’0” x 6’10” – Hi-sill, flush floor.)
  • Panel constructed from two molded fiberglass reinforced polyester shells surfaced with white polyester gel coat and bonded into a seamless unit
  • Superior insulated 4” or 6” poured polyurethane foam with a R-33 or R50 rating and “K” factor of .12 at 75° F
  • Panels reinforced with a 2” x 2” interior angle frame of 1/8” steel with 11-gauge steel hardware attachment plates welded to the frame.
  • Optional features include Galvanized or stainless-steel kick plates, Heat mat to prevent condensation on threshold, Emergency exit devices,and more.
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