Hydraulic edge of dock leveler

Hydraulically operated edge of dock models offers the convenience and safety of push button control.Suited for where pit leveler installation is not practical or standard fleet bed heights are serviced at the loading dock. Dock and Door hydraulic Edge of dock leveler, featuring power extension and retraction of the lip and deck. Our speed control adjusts leveler descent speed. A standard Nema4 single pushbutton control provides easy activation of deck and lip. It has quiet dependable operation via a two-cylinder design with deck and lip cylinders. Recessed installation packages for mini pits The ramp width is 72 in. A steel dock edge, or approach ramp is required for proper installation. The Electric Hydraulic Edge-of dock is the easiest to operate. After the truck is backed against the dock, push and hold the control button. The leveler raises and the lip will extend. The unit comes complete with motor, pump, control box, cylinder, lines and oil. The truck must pull out for leveler to return to stored position.

  • Easy install allows unit to quickly mount to any loading dock with a steel dock edge save time and money.
  • Overload protection for motor
  • Tread plate design offers a positive non-slip gripping action
  • Two steel gussets for added strength and extended life.
  • Product design conveniently does not require a concrete recess
  • Dock construction and capacity dependent to ensure your loading bridge matches the demands of the facility needs.
  • Solid steel construction offers long lasting reliable use
  • Grease fittings
  • Heavy duty bumper block with reinforced molded rubber dock bumpers
  • Cold rolled steel hinge pinsfor added strength and long life
  • Fully hydraulic lip and deck cylinder.
  • Components are UL listed / recognized.

Capacities: Models are available with capacities of 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, and 30,000 lbs.

Available voltage: 110V single phase and 460 V three phase

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