Hydraulic dock leveler :

Dock and door system’s hydraulic dock leveler are structurally designed for the most demanding applications for easy push button convenience for smooth, consistent and safe operation with outstanding toughness and dependability in your most challenging dock operations as well as minimal required maintenance over the lifetime of the leveler. Our dock leveler is equipped with free fall protection with a velocity fuse which prevent leveler rapidly descend if the truck pulls away unexpectedly, which could lead to personnel injury or damaged product.Our high-performance, low-maintenance dock levelers offer fast, easy safe, push-button operation.


Structural Steel Frame

  • While some manufacturers use flat stock or other light duty material, our levelers use 4″ structural “C” channel on all pit levelers.

Full width rear hinge

  • Dock and Door System dock leveler that employs a full width rear hinge mounted in compression, using a 1″ diameter solid steel rod. So indestructible, it carries a lifetime warranty.

Regenerative hydraulic System

  • Dual port cylinders allow hydraulic fluid to travel in both directions, creating a faster lift. Dual ports are found on both lift and lip cylinders.

Velocity Fuse protection

  • Dock and Door System uses a tamper proof velocity safety stop in all of our lift cylinders for safety in case of a sudden trailer departure.

Integrated control panels

  • Dock and Door System Integrated Control Panels can combine all your controls in one easy to operate, clean and simple wall configuration. We Provide what you need from our own UL approved shop. Improve your dock safety and productivity with an Integrated Panel from Door Dock System.

Full range telescoping Toe guards

  • Provides top safety to your employees at the dock while operating any Door Dock System hydraulic or air operated dock leveler. Assures any dock leveler with a downward bias inherent in operation has enhanced safety closures at the edges to protect your employees.
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