High performance door

High speed rolling doors are engineered to perform in locations where the operational demands are extreme. Dock and Door Systems provide the best services high-speed, high performance doors excel during intense operation and in demanding conditions. They can improve efficiency, safety and hygiene in applications with frequent openings and closings including manufacturing, cold storage and clean rooms. High performance door systems are usually installed in the most operationally critical and high-traffic openings in buildings, such as busy parking structures, or automobile dealership service bays, where down time is not an option. Because of this, the reliability and ongoing safe operation of these door systems should be a high priority in building maintenance and safety plans.High performance door are door systems, mainly used in industrial applications. They are technical enhancements of the generally known sectional doors, PVC fabric doors or roller shutters. The main difference is that the durable construction provides a higher operating

speed, and they are able to sustain a higher number of cycles (opening and closing cycles) and require lower maintenance and repair cost. Depending on the intended field of application, horizontal or vertical operating door types are available.

Exterior doors:

We offer a wide variety of high-performance exterior doors to keep your operation running smoothly. Designed to deliver security, strength and smooth performance, a well-built exterior door keeps the flow of equipment, materials and people moving throughout your facility. Available in Metal or Rubber.

Rubber exterior doors are made of heavy-duty steel with an impact-proof rubber curtain. Ideal for areas with forklift and heavy equipment traffic, these doors handle large openings with speed and reliability.

Metal exterior security doors create a secure, energy efficient entrance to your facility, while rapid roll doors are the perfect high-speed solution for warehouses, car dealerships and equipment service bays.

Interior doors:

Interior roll up doors provide secure, reliable and safe high-speed solutions for inside facilities. Interior roll up doors are the ideal solution for separating critical areas and increasing efficiency within a facility. Innovative rolling interior doors can be specially suited for environments ranging from cold storage and clean rooms to general manufacturing or special machine protection applications.

Roll up interior doors feature rapid opening speeds and advanced safety systems along with tight sealing and pressure resistance to help isolate or control environments.

Clean room doors:

Ourhigh-speed cleanroom doors perfected for controlled environments. Our doors feature an almost airtight seal, which minimizes pressure drop and protects your environment against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt. These advanced high-speed doors are ideal for cleanroom and associated controlled environment applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and micro-mechanics industries.

High speed cleanroom doors help to minimize contamination risks and meet hygienic standards for controlled environments without compromising product quality or worker safety. Exceptionally fast speeds, near airtight seals and durable performance provide greater control over particle concentration and air changes while maintaining stringent cleanroom requirements

Cold storage doors:

You need durable, reliable cold storage doors that can open and close hundreds of times a day while conserving energy and keeping cold items in safe temperature zones. Cold storage doors have a positive effect on your bottom line, whether you're using a high-speed cold storage door to create a thermal barrier on a loading dock or a mobile high-speed door to create a tight seal on a refrigerated truck.

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