Fire door inspection

Dock and Door Systems Fire door Inspection is designed to assist you in your legal obligation to properly maintain the swinging type and horizontal/vertical sliding and rolling fire doors in your facility.

Fire door inspection process

  • Pre inspection coordination meeting
  • Comprehensive inspection of each opening
    1. Visual
    2. Functional
    3. Component compliance
  • Fire door inspection report
  • Follow up consultation
  • Annual re inspection for continued code compliance


  • Inspection of swinging type fire doors to meet NFPArequirements.
  • Helps facilities prepare their fire door assemblies for local code compliance as well as The Joint Commission inspection.
  • Inspection of smoke door assemblies to meet N.F.P.A regulations.
  • Visual identification of openings with a label.
  • Priority scheduling and discounted rates.

In the event your frames, doors and/or components are missing the required fire rated labels, Dock and Door Systems can help with the certification and relabeling of swinging type and vertical/horizontal sliding and rolling doors in the field. Dock Door Systems will be there through the entire certification and labeling process to help bring your frames, doors and components back into compliance.

Fire door Inspections, Repairsand Re-certification:

When it comes to fire safety, fire doors are of the same importance as fire dampers. Both will stop the spread of a fire as they’re designed to aid in the compartmentalization of a building. This will help stop the spread of flames, smoke and toxic fumes. In order for them to perform properly, they are to be maintained as required by the fire door code. Dock and Door systems is your source for fire door inspections, repairs and re-certification.

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