Fire curtain standard

The Fire gard curtain provides the benefits of an off-the-shelf lightweight design which eliminates the problems of steel shutters. It requires less preparation time and no special steel work structure to install.Designed for openings of up to 32 m wide x 8 m high in the fire compartment wall, the Fire gard curtain is a totally new concept. It eliminates the dangers posed by heavy steel shutters which could drop causing casualties or breakages. It is especially suited to clean, hygienic environments such as kitchens to hospitals, or as equally at home over windows and receptio areas. The fire curtains are manufactured from woven glass fiber reinforced with stainless steel wire and coated both sides with a micronized aluminum polymer which will automatically descend under the power of gravity upon receipt of a signal from the fire-alarm panel and automatically retract when the signal is removed. The lower edge of the curtains will incorporate a twin inverted, Galvanized steel angle which acts as a weight bar to an able the curtain to unwind upon receipt of a signal from the fire alarm panel, this helps to stabilize the curtains and provides a stop against the underside of the head box.